Sunday, August 16, 2009


This weekend I hit a mental milestone on THE PEDDLER'S PACK: 20,000 words.

Never mind that I have not yet figured out how to give my hero a life as a peddler. Oh, no--the locals all think he's a knight who's lost most of his gear in a shipwreck off the rocky coast of Cornwall. How do I get him from swordless chevalier to competent merchant? I have no idea, though bubbles of a solution are beginning to form in my brain.

Plotting is always a challenge for those of us who write seat-of-the-pants. What about the rest of you? How do you get your charming characters from point A to point B, and beyond, when you've written X amount of the story, hit your milestones, and you've no idea how to get them to "the end"?

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Diane Craver said...

Hi Deb,
Like your new story and also like your title. I struggle with titles. Good luck with the writing of it.