Saturday, August 08, 2009

ANGEL flies to the Eppies!

I'm humbled and honored. My publisher, Desert Breeze, has decided to enter three books in EPIC's "Eppie" awards for '09. ANGEL WITH A RAY GUN will be one of the three!

Sandra Sookoo's WINNER TAKES ALL and a vampire title by Jay Morgan are the other two titles. This is major even if one of us finals, and I'm so grateful for the chance.

EPIC, the Electronic Publishing Internet Connection, runs this award program. The Eppie is really the only major award for e-books. ACFW doesn't want them and we all know RWA turns up its collective nose. So I'm really thrilled for all three of us. It's incredibly heartening just to know our publisher thinks our books can stand against many another great title.


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Christine said...

Here's hoping and praying your win. Way-to-go !!!!