Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Same Song, Next Verse

News update. Steeple Hill very kindly said "no-thanks" to MY SILENT HEART, so I turned around & sent it somewhere else . The editor's comments, however, were very encouraging--she liked my character, liked my voice. She did use the phrase "not quite there yet", so I'm working on a new story to submit there. Hopefully this one will be "quite there"!

My new book will be a romantic suspense or a mystery. Not sure yet. Since this is a new subgenre than I've tried before, I have to plan it completely differently, and THEN sit down to write. Its working title is TOUCH AND GO. My hero is coming together rather rapidly. Marc Watts is a cop and a sport pilot who's not dealing well with a job-related tragedy. I'm playing with the idea of that tragedy leaving him with agoraphobia, but I'm not sure yet.

Funny--I usually get the female character first, but in Marcus's case, I "know" more about him than I do about my heroine, so I'm dying to see what she'll turn out like as she communicates her character to me. My crit partner says Mercedes Montoya is a lousy name for her, so maybe I'll change it.

That'll be after the holidays--I've taken December as family time. I do love the composting part of the writing process, but during Christmas, my family doesn't care for the thousand-yard stare when they speak to me.

Merry Christmas. I strongly suggest all my readers enjoy family & worship the living Christ.