Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Go Ahead, Win Something

Better still, help me celebrate -- ALOHA, MY LOVE comes out from Desert Breeze tomorrow. To celebrate this e-book, I believe one of you Faithful Minions should win something!

Sound like a plan?

Post a comment. Win one of my jewelry pieces (I design and create jewelry). Most of them are necklaces but I also do earrings for pierced ears. Haven't found any decent findings for non-pierced ears yet. "Findings" are those little extra necessities like earwires, posts, those round springy things that fasten the necklace in back...you get the picture.

Enough of the jargon. Make a post. Win a necklace or whatever you choose that I have (I have some real sweet stuff ready-made).

Celebrate! Aloha.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Booksignings -- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

My buddy Diane Moody guests this week, sounding off about every author's "bete noir" -- the booksigning. Here's what she says:

Book Signings: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

I’m relatively new to the world of book signings, but I’ve already learned a lot—mostly what doesn’t work. Like the manager of a conference center bookstore who wasn’t remotely interested in making the event successful. No signage. No advertising. Refused my offer of free bookmarks. She set us up in the most off-the-path location on campus and scheduled our signing during the dinner hour. The result? *Cue the chirping crickets.* One of the other authors left half-way through. I didn’t blame him.

Then there was the event at a major bookstore here in Nashville. Someone dropped the ball, and less than 48 hours before the signing, there had been no advertising or signage whatsoever. A phone call sent them all scrambling. They quickly set up a table - in the back of the store – and printed a small sign with several misspellings. The result? *Chirping crickets.* I signed one book.
But enough about the bad ones.

While on a mini-tour in Florida, I was thrilled with a weekend-long event where everything was done right for a change. Martha Brangenberg, bookstore manager extraordinaire of Charis Christian Bookstore, located on a church campus in Largo, had planned well in advance. Weeks before my visit, she stocked up with plenty of copies of my book. She advertised in the church paper, the church bulletins, and on multiple TV monitors posted throughout the campus. She set up an end display in the heart of the bookstore and a table for my signing where we’d get the most traffic. And did we ever! I signed about 85 books that weekend!

Lessons learned?
(1) Booksellers who love books and the authors who write them, sell lots of books.
(2) Those who don’t should take up knitting.

Just sayin’ . . .

Diane Moody

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Get Thee to a Wall

That is, THE MASTER'S WALL. It's a book just coming out through DeWard Publishing, by Sandi Rog. I read and enjoyed it. It's well worth your time and your teenager's, since the main characters are much younger than "adults" in the present age.

Set in Roman times, it tells the story of David, a Messianic Jewish boy who's sold into slavery to a wealthy Roman villa-owner. It tells the story of Alethea, a Greek girl who doesn't understand much about what's going on around her, and is determined on her own way...

Grab this book. Watch this pair clash--and clash--

Background data. Sandi is an ACFW pal, historical-writing pal, and conqueror of MS, which has laid her low several times since I first met her. Currently, though, she's battling lymphoma in the brain, and is undergoing therapy. Her publisher, DeWard, is donating $1 of every sale of this book as a benefit/fund-raiser for Sandi.

That's over and above what many publishers would do. Our part is to go buy this book. I plan to score several more copies.

Join me.