Monday, August 10, 2009

Light and Dark

Life is like that, isn't it? Just when you're cranked and excited about some good news (see previous post), the Dark Side kicks in.

I was thrilled a few months ago when a rather high-profile romance review site agreed to review ANGEL WITH A RAY GUN. Today the review appeared.

The grade? C. The remarks? "Disappointing" and other such. The story didn't work for the reviewer, I get that. But I hope this won't sour others on the book.

I had high hopes for this review. Alas, one woman's A+ is another's C. Them's the breaks.


Janny said...

During the height of the RWR flap I went through three years ago, one of the MANY things people chose to pick on was that I had a favorable review of FTA from my mother in law. She didn't identify herself as such, of course, but with a last name of "Butler," the audience drew its own conclusion about that reviewer...and blasted me accordingly. To this day, I can hardly read that review without remembering what those people did to it, and to me by inference.

When we're in the trenches putting our best work out there, people are going to react to it in all different ways. Some of them will appreciate it for what it was. Some of them won't. And some of them will take even the good things others say and turn them against us.

It's all part of the game, unfortunately. But selling (and continuing to write!) well, ultimately, is the best revenge.



Roseanna M. White said...

Ouchie. That sort of thing is never fun--who wants to be told they're "average"?

But I'm praying that this dark moment is very quickly offset by something blindingly bright light sent straight from the Lord, to raise your spirits and have you jumping for joy. Chin up!

Deb said...

Actually, Roseanna, your wish (and Janny's, I know) was already fulfilled. I got another 5 star review the following day! God is good and the timing was GREAT!