Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Clicking Along

And happy about it. See, long ago I wrote a time travel story. No, don't ask--it should never have seen daylight, but at the time I didn't know how bad it was. It went to Simon & Schuster, presented to them by a contact I still treasure. I got a very kind rejection letter, which I suppose motivated me to keep writing. I wince now to think I presented such a piece to a pro, but that's water under the bridge now...

I've decided to re-tell the story. Not edit--start from scratch. This is a story I KNOW, with the characters and plot already full-formed in my head.

And wonder of wonders. It's perking along like it's writing itself. I was in some anxiety over whether a story would ever work so well again. I thought maybe I'd lost the spark.

The fire is on. It's alive. God still has work for me to do, apparently. I'm having such fun writing this, and it's coming so easily.

And even my closest writer-friend likes it! She rarely likes my drafts, but on this one she all but made me cry in joy with her commentary.

Bye for now--I need to go tell some more of this story.

And, as ya know, it's all about STORY, after all....