Friday, October 30, 2009

A Freebie!

More coming up for YOU. My publisher, Desert Breeze, encouraged all its authors to send recipes in--either dishes our characters enjoy in our books, or stuff that just tastes good.

The great part is, starting Sunday 11/1, our compiled cookbook will be available free of charge on the Desert Breeze website (

Get over there and see what's cooking!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taking My Own Advice

A bit more "what's in it for YOU"ish stuff. Today, while laboring diligently in the Revision Pit, I got permission from my publisher to post a teaser excerpt from SEASONS IN THE MIST. It's on my web site. Take a look--tell me what you think.

And remember: it's for YOU and it's free! LOL.

Interested? Get thee (as Janny recommends) to my site, and click on the "sneak preview" button on the lower left hand side.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

On Giving It Back

One of the most meaningful sessions at the recent conference I attended was Chip MacGregor's talk on mentoring. He says we often get this "woo-woo" thing going on that makes us think we cannot serve one another in this way.

To be a mentor, one must be up on a high pedestal? Wrong.

To become a mentor, you must formally enter into such a relationship? Wrong.

He said, and this is my paraphrase so it's only what I heard, maybe not what he said: we must only be a step or two ahead on the path, in order to give a hand to someone climbing it.

I like that idea. Okay, I'm not one of those "name" authors everyone recognizes when she walks into a room. I haven't got a swackload of big-publisher credits.

But I recognize I am a step or two further along the path than some other folks. So, in the spirit of the "what's in it for YOU" thrust of this blog, I may scoop out some experience or knowledge and serve it up here.

Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry...I hope you will find a scoop to your taste.