Monday, May 25, 2009


No, not a new sale. But possibilities. I'm back working on A ROSE IN LATE OCTOBER, the central-Iowa set two-unwilling-partners-in-a-landscaping-business book. I'm into third (or sixteenth?) round edits on it, hoping to flesh it out from an unfinished 45K words to a nicely rounded 75K. I know what the plot is, and how the subplot will develop. I'm reading it now for nitpick edits and for story, both, and that's tough for me to do. Since this blog is out here to urge people to concentrate first on STORY, I need to take a dose of my own advice. My job now is to get a handle on story: what I've already written and what I still need to write in order to tell this particular tale as it should be told.

Oh, and did I mention I have an entire chapter or two (which I need) on a 3" floppy that the pooter will no longer read? Aaargh!

The question here is: does this story still interest me enough to finish and put it out on proposal? Reading along, I'm finding areas that could be fun if better developed, and I'm finding I still like the story. Enough to go the distance? I don't know. What does an author do who is on a deadline, who's sold a three or six book deal and finds that her story ideas just aren't that riveting just now?

I don't know. Not sure I want to find out. I suspect I already have an idea...she girds her loins, so to speak, and sits down to WRITE...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Sale, and the Abuse of Power

Smile with me! A previous release entitled MY SILENT HEART has been picked up for reissue. ANGEL WITH A BACK HOE will come out October 1 with Desert Breeze Publishing. I couldn't be more thrilled. In many ways this was the book I thought might sell first, and it didn't, and I really never got a sense of why. Now it has a chance to fly once more, and I'm smiling.

As far as topic #2: recently a person known to me was abused by an organization I will not name. Now, I don't know both sides of the story, so I cannot know all the facts. But the fallout made my mouth drop. I will say this much and then hold my tongue: no professional organization, or those in power within it, should feel they have the right to intrude on a private conversation, and abuse or blackball the speakers. They have no RIGHT even to weigh in with comment on that conversation, since they were not party to it and cannot know the facts.

The law has a provision called "standing." In our legal system, you must have an interest in an issue, in order to be heard by the court. This interest creates legal "standing", and once you have it -- and only then -- have you the right to be heard.

These people abrogated that right to themselves, and in so doing, and their subsequent actions, violated the trust that leaders must maintain. I must comply with the bylaws of this organization, but in my heart these individuals no longer have my trust. They are leaders in name and not in spirit, and in my heart they will not be trustworthy again, absent a public and sincere apology.

I wish those involved nothing but peace. But God's law is not mine, and I feel there will be justice in His timing and in His fashion.