Monday, December 21, 2009

Blog Contest Winners!

Now that the Blog/Loop contest is ended, it’s time to award prizes. I’m pleased to announce there isn’t one winner of the African coffee – there are three!

Congratulations to Mindy, Michelle Sutton and Janny Butler who answered the scavenger hunt questions 110% correctly and won. Woot!

Coffee will soon be winging its way to you. Mindy, I’ll need your snail address. I have the others.

The rest of you -- next time I announce a contest, I reserve the right to award prizes as liberally as I want. So--enter next time. You've been warned. Aloha.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Desert Breezes Blow a Contest Your Way

Those of you who know my writing already are aware that most of my characters are coffee-a-holics.

This isn't bad, it's GOOD! We who enjoy coffee know there are a few primo varieties in the world, and the rest of the time we buy at the grocery store.

Now, for anyone brave enough to come here to this blog, or savvy enough to know my Desert Breeze stories, here's your challenge: answer either one of the following questions and win a nice sized bag of ground Kenya AA coffee (best there is IMO)

1) why is my blog named ? Short answer is good enough.

2) name any "pair" of the lovey-dovey characters in my Desert Breeze books. They don't have to be the coffee-chugging ones.

Okay, get crackin' and win some Joe!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Time to Hunt!

This month I'm participating in Desert Breeze's "Scavenger Hunt." What fun!

Now, if you've been following this, you already know my buddy Michelle Levigne posted my question: Who is the "angel with the ray gun?"

And those of you who've read that book already know the answer is: Matt. Hee heee. Bet you thought it'd be a GIRL angel, right?

But onward & upward! Your next question is: what make and model Oldsmobile is Shawna Williams? Find out, and keep hunting:

Keep hunting & have fun!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Prairie Dogging

At last, this rodent pokes her head out of the burrow. She blinks at the bright morning sun. "Wha--? Whaaaa??"

That's right -- Rewriteville is now in my rearview mirror. All I need to do is a quick re-read this morning, and this afternoon SEASONS goes back to the publisher.

I mentioned earlier I'd never done a major rewrite before. Looking back, it wasn't quite as fraught as I feared it would be.

That's not to say I wish for MORE opportunities to gut the entire middle of a book and rework the plot. Oh, no, that'd be untrue. It was a hassle...

Just not the extreme hassle I thought it would be.

As requests for changes come from a publisher, though, there are times to graciously accommodate and times to dig in your heels. I had both in this rewrite. The publisher wanted me to include a plot to overthrow the king of England, crafted by an earl who was an actual historical person. I did some digging on this guy and realized I couldn't blacken his name this way. He started out loyal to Edward III and stayed so, and enjoyed high favor, throughout his life. That particular request for a change I had to decline. So instead I rewrote to tell how one of this earl's vassals attempted to draw the earl into a plot, and failed.

I think it'll make it a better book. But as my very first editor once told me, "If a suggestion I make goes *clunk* in your heart, mind, or spirit, skip it and move on." Good advice.