Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Change of SEASONS

That's right--SEASONS IN THE MIST, the time-travel romance that's been percolating through the writing/submission/ publishing process for many months, is just about revised and ready to send back to Sheaf House. I finished the substantive work yesterday, so the coming week is for tweaks, polishes and a final re-read.

Why rewrite, do you ask? Good question. The publisher thought the middle was "flat."

So I rewrote. It's the first time I've done such a thing, though I've heard other authors moan about rewrites. I did feel their pain, but since I'd never been asked, it didn't affect ME, now, did it?

God uses such things to keep us humble.

Since that's true, SEASONS has morphed into something a little different. There is now a political subplot to the story, and the tension between Lord Mike the Hunky, Lady Bethany Who Tells Lies, and Hairy-Nosed Git Brother is now ratcheted way, way up.

I think it's a better book now.

Stay tuned. The new, improved version is already available for preorder on Amazon and CBD. It'll be released in April.