Monday, November 14, 2011

Jump Start!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned being a bit low because I didn't seem to be able to get any enthusiasm for PEACEWEAVER in its original storyline. I ranted and grumbled a bit...

...but then I did what I should've done from the get-go: contacted my awesome crit partner and vented on her. Janny did what the most brilliant crit partners do -- she promised to mull the story for a bit and try to come up with ways to make it marketable.

Well, let me tell you, she did over and above the call of any crit partner's duty. She sent me a reasoned, thoughtful, page and a half summary of where the plot might go if I revised it according to the publishers', and my agent's, recommendations.

Did I use the words "blindingly brilliant" yet?

I sat down, read it over, caught her vision instantly and began to rewrite. I had to gut the story almost from page 1, but I'm 75% done with the rewrite now and it's just perking along.

What I needed -- and what I would recommend to any of you who write -- is someone to take an objective look at the piece in terms of story, and suggest a solution that would get the fire burning once more. Janny did this. I re-caught the enthusiasm I had for the original version, and making it work for the rewrite.

Rejoice with me! Did I mention "blindingly brilliant" yet?


Janny said...

I suppose it would be over the top to add "B.B.C.P." after my name, tho....

Ya think?

But that's OK. I'm already an A.V.H.


Elizabeth K. said...

That is great to have such a terrific crit partner! It makes such a difference when you are both thinking on the 'same wavelength'.
Sometimes the mind just gets muddled and the creative flame goes out, all we need is a spark from somebody else's candle!

Renee said...

Hi Deb: I'm starting a blogroll of my fellow writer's and I've linked to your blog. I didn't think you would mind!