Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guest Arrives!

...and is interviewed. The charming and talented Cindy Hickey dropped by to answer a few of my little questions regarding how/why she writes such fun, suspenseful books. Here's her take on it all:

Cindy, when you’re not writing, what do you like most to read?

Wow, I love reading romantic suspense. Something to keep me turning the pages and holding my breath. Something that makes me want to keep the light on.

If you didn’t write in your chosen genre, which would you write, and why?

My agent has decided I have a historical voice. This still makes me smile, as I never thought I’d write in that genre. So, I’ve several Historical Romance proposals out there. Of course, they all have a mystery or a touch of suspense in them.

Where do you see the Christian fiction market going in the near-term?

I see it expanding by leaps and bounds, even more so in the ebook market.

What has been your biggest challenge since you decided to seek publication?

Getting that foot in the door the first time. Persistence pays off. You must keep moving forward, day by day, inch by inch. Never give up.

Name a few of your favorite authors.

Brandilyn Collins, Dorothy Gabaldon, Dean Koontz, Julie Lessman.

Care to share a writing habit you cannot do without?

Have some chocolate with you! I tend to zone out into plotting land with some dark chocolate M&Ms at hand.

Thanks, Cindy, for giving us your insights. Of course, she forgot to name Kinnard, but I don't write suspense, so maybe that's the reason.

Here's a thumbnail of her recent book cover. Isn't it a honey?

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Linda Glaz said...

Oh yeah, chocolate really gets the creative juices flowing!

Julie Lessman said...

Cindy and Deb -- GREAT interview, and WOW, Cindy, your answers are so short and sweet!! I think I need to take lessons ... :)

And DOUBLE WOW for listing me as a favorite alongside Brandilyn Collins, Dorothy Gabaldon (did you mean Diana?) and Dean Koontz -- HOLY COW, what a HUGE compliment (especially since I don't write suspense)!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

You said, "My agent has decided I have a historical voice." You had me at "historical," girl, and I am saying one right now that those Historical Romance proposals are a go AND go CRAZY!!

Thanks again, Cindy, for the sweet plug -- you are a doll!


Bonnie Engstrom said...

Great interview, but way too short. There's so much depth to Cindy. She and I hang out together whenever I can make it to conference, so I've gotten to know her pretty well. I was there when it was announced she'd gotten her first contract. I was thrilled for her. But, historicals? Mmm.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

A thought-provoking article.

Suzanne said...

I just ordered Cynthia's cozy mystery series for my Kindle and just started reading the first one. Mixing sweet candy and sweet romantic suspense makes a good recipe for a book.

Deb said...

Bonnie, next time Cindy agrees to be interviewed, I'll make her talk longer! How's that?

Truly -- I'd love to probe deeper into how an author writes like Cindy does. How does one make romantic suspense such five-plus FUN?

Ada Brownell said...

Your blog is unique, and I like it. The book sounds interesting. My email address is

Cheri Jenkins said...

I agree, I wanted to know more about this interesting gal! Like where she gets her titles? A good title will get me everytime! And who can resist chocolate? Certainly not me...I live in HERSHEY, Pa.