Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Home Stretch

I'm getting close to the end of book #2 in this series, tentatively titled SEASONS OF RECKONING. The working title, which I don't greatly care for, is a botheration, but I cannot seem to come up with anything I like better. Pah! My crit partner and I tossed ideas back and forth throughout our two-day writing retreat last weekend, and came up with some titles that were beyond ridiculous.

Anyway, I digress. One of my besetting sins is the tendency, when wrapping up a story, to speed-write through the thing. Of course, it feels rushed. I need to s l o w d o w n and "just tell the story" without worrying about how long it takes! Don't I? Oh, you bet I do.

That said, RECKONING is at about 81K words, winding up nicely. One current issue is that I'm concentrating on plot points and not including enough emotion. Bad romance writer! Bad!

The other issue is that this one is NOT pointing toward a Happily Ever After ending. Oh no, it is not. What to do!? I think this one will have a bittersweet ending...that's what the characters seem to be driving toward, having taken over the story a long, long time ago.

Thoughts? Is a non-HEA ending even permissible for a writer who's always cranked out Happies?


Linda Glaz said...

Oh, and even though I lived the 60's, I still miss happily ever after.

Janny said...

Since when do you worry about PERMISSION to do anything? :-)


lisalickel said...

nah....go with the flow. Although I was really pleased at bookclub last night where we read the Friday Night Knitting Club and everyone hated that Georgia died just when everything was coming together. One lady couldn't like the sequel, either.

I wasn't allowed to kill Ann in Meander, but as long as there was hope, it still qualified for HEA