Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The End!

News hot off the press for all three of you -- I finished Book #2 in the "Seasons of Destiny" series! Well, at least I told the whole story. Isn't that what this blog pretends to be about?

Yeah, right.

Anyway, thanks to my superb crit partner who never lets a good turn of phrase go unpraised or a *clunk* go unpunished, I hit on a boffo ending (we think) and sat down and finished the book! I feel good.

However, its title is still a botheration. I originally called it SEASONS OF RECKONING, and changed the working title to APRIL'S PILGRIM because, at the end of the day, there really isn't very much reckoning going on in this book!

My Historical Writers yahoo loop is weighing in on the choice, and so far it's 3-0 in favor of RECKONING. I dunno what I'll do.

Anyone want to weigh in? I chose APRIL'S PILGRIM because it puns on a main character's name: Ebrel means "April" in Cornish. Also the point-of-view character does take a convoluted journey through various trials in the book--something like a pilgrimage. But now (perverse woman!) I find myself liking SEASONS OF RECKONING better.

How say you, minions?


Janny said...

I say go with RECKONING, because that's what happens to Marcus in the end; you didn't have that particular reckoning in the cards before, but now the "reckoning" idea fits perfectly.

And you can quote me on that.

Normandie Fischer said...

I'm no expert, and I haven't read the story. Take this with the proverbial grain as one buyer's opinion, but I would stick with Reckoning. It provokes different images from a book with Pilgrim in the title; you've got the word Seasons, which we all live through, and Reckoning, which we all live through on one level or another.

Just my thoughts.