Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taking My Own Advice

A bit more "what's in it for YOU"ish stuff. Today, while laboring diligently in the Revision Pit, I got permission from my publisher to post a teaser excerpt from SEASONS IN THE MIST. It's on my web site. Take a look--tell me what you think.

And remember: it's for YOU and it's free! LOL.

Interested? Get thee (as Janny recommends) to my site, and click on the "sneak preview" button on the lower left hand side.

1 comment:

Janny said...

You needed to put your URL in the actual web post, dear. That makes it not only free,
If you're giving something away, especially, have a link directly and immediately available. Otherwise your Faithful Minion has to stop, open a new browser window, type in your name, etc., etc....

Unless the URL is actually there somewhere and I missed it???