Saturday, October 24, 2009

On Giving It Back

One of the most meaningful sessions at the recent conference I attended was Chip MacGregor's talk on mentoring. He says we often get this "woo-woo" thing going on that makes us think we cannot serve one another in this way.

To be a mentor, one must be up on a high pedestal? Wrong.

To become a mentor, you must formally enter into such a relationship? Wrong.

He said, and this is my paraphrase so it's only what I heard, maybe not what he said: we must only be a step or two ahead on the path, in order to give a hand to someone climbing it.

I like that idea. Okay, I'm not one of those "name" authors everyone recognizes when she walks into a room. I haven't got a swackload of big-publisher credits.

But I recognize I am a step or two further along the path than some other folks. So, in the spirit of the "what's in it for YOU" thrust of this blog, I may scoop out some experience or knowledge and serve it up here.

Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry...I hope you will find a scoop to your taste.

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Janny said...

Or, as substitute teachers all only have to be one day's work ahead of the class to teach it! :-)

(It's a shame when people find out our secrets so easily, though...)