Saturday, February 09, 2008

Searching for a Mood

SEASONS IN THE MIST is semi-officially, sort of, done. I finished the final edits this past week, and put it to bed 'til I feel like re-reading it for more edits, or 'til it sells, or 'til an agent wants the full manuscript. Sometimes when you work on a book it starts to pall, after a while. So I've put this book to bed and I've started the next one.

PEACEWEAVER will be a medieval also, set in a time period earlier than that of SEASONS. It's set in north Wales, amid two warring clans who try to unite to repel the Saxon and Norse incursions, and use a young girl as a pawn in their search for an end to the warfare. I really like the idea, I know exactly where it's going and who the characters are.

What I'm after is a "feel" for the time. Little removed from the Dark Ages, I'm sure 958 Wales had its own tone and flavor, different from 14th century England. My first five pages lack the flavor. I'll tweak, edit, and up the emotion and detail until that taste is very apparent, even from page one. But at this point it's frustrating when I know I ALMOST have it...but not.

Wish me luck on the new project!

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Anonymous said...

My, but you've been a busy little beaver. I love the title of your book!

Oh, how I'd love to the B Isles and hit Scotland for about a good month, two weeks spent on the isle of Arran. LOL Alas, it is up to the Father above, if and when that happens. First I have to recover from my partial knee replacement scheduled for March 10th. And Janell returns home the week before.
Hey, I found I can get a program called Prologue on WordPress. It's like instant messaging. Just leaving little comments instead of the posts, when one just wants to say hi.

Well, I must go clean out cubbards. I will send CSD over today. The first 4 chapters.

Anways, love you, hon and can'tw wait to taste your Seasons in the Mists.