Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Waiting Game, Part Twenty-Two

Having finished SEASONS IN THE MIST, and been told that I need an agent for this one ("this could be your breakout book!"), I sent proposals to two agents this week, via e-mail. Now it's waiting time.

Did I mention I don't do waiting very well? My options are: 1) chew nails; 2) clean house; 3) finish edits on the last few pages of SEASONS; 4) start PEACEWEAVER, the next book. I have the story roughly in my head, along with some very romantic twists and turns, and my main character's name has come to me. I don't know my historical setting, though, as in what year? what part of Britain? Gotta have those things. Anmaire (my main character) will have to compose her soul in patience 'til I know where she belongs.

Forget option 3. Dust is a wood preservative.

Did I mention I hate waiting?

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Janny said...

I've heard that old wives' tale about dust being a wood preservative...don't you believe it. It's a paper preservative. That's how publishers keep our precious manuscripts intact--they wait long enough to respond to us so there's a good insulating layer of dust surrounding the pages. (Achoo!) If they responded too fast, those manuscripts would be in mortal danger of imminent disintegration; only publishers' wisdom keeps them from it.

Do I hafta explain everything to you? (sigh)

You know how I think. When in doubt, when in suspense, when keyed up, when angry, when happy, and when bored...clean house. It's the best medicine out there, instant gratification, and wears you out enough so you're too tired to remember how much you hate waiting!

Besides, time is everything, especially in this book. And all the time invested in it will come back to you in increased value...even the waiting time.

Ms. Mentor has spoken, and it is very true. :-)