Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Readers, You Are Blessed

After all, gentle Reader, your job is merely to pick up, in whatever medium suits your fancy, and read what we labor and fuss and obsess about -- BOOKS.

You needn't worry about the industry. You are free not to care about what it's becoming during this time of transition. You couldn't care less about guidelines, imprimaturs, Themes We Cannot Write About, agents, editors, committees...

You get the drift. Your job is to borrow or buy and read, and hopefully enjoy.

Let's just state that it's not quite that easy from this side of the keyboard. Recently a dear friend and mine own mentor submitted a book for approval by a Catholic organization. They declined, for reasons I won't go into in huge detail.

Suffice it to say that because she omitted a minor plot point, it nuked the entire book in their eyes. Something that wasn't even necessarily addressed, but had to be in there because, let's face it...

...Christians are stupid. If every last thing isn't spelled out, we might tear our clothing, set our hair on fire, and run off screaming into the night in some wild midnight ride of apostasy.

Dear readers, all three of you -- Christians are not dumb. If one of my characters makes a mistake in my book, does that really mean my readers will scratch their heads and say, "Oh, Kinnard's character did this -- that must mean it's okay! Think I will go forth and do likewise!"

We're smarter than that. It's high time the industry gave us maybe an ounce of credit for it.


Janny said...

Oh. Wait. You mean tearing my clothing, setting my hair on fire, and running off screaming into the night isn't what ALL writers do when they're in the creative process?


Must needs drink more?


Deb said...

Me, I'm wondering why you have not yet traveled back in time? Eh?

Of course, you might not want to. They mostly drank ale in those days.