Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What? A Midweek Guest?

Minions, today welcome my guest, Janice Hanna Thompson. And yes, she writes under both names. Here's what she has to say about some topics of interest to us all:

DK: Welcome, Janice. What’s your latest venture?
JT: Thanks for having me. I’m thrilled to share about my latest book, MAKE MONEY WRITING, now available from amazon for kindle users. The book, which is loaded with helpful hints for freelancers, is free from March 12th – March 17th. After that, it will sell for $4.49.

DK: Talk a little about yourself and your writing experience.
JT: I write under the names “Janice Thompson” and “Janice Hanna.” I just signed contract #79 (For QUEEN OF THE WAVES) and have written in a variety of genres, including romance, historical, contemporary, cozy mystery, juvenile fiction, non-fiction and more. I’m best known for my light-hearted contemporary novels and for my quirky characters. I’m pretty passionate about writing, and even more passionate about helping others discover their writing talents and abilities. For the past seven years I’ve worked as a full-time freelancer, earning my living with my books, teachings, articles, and write-for-hire work.

DK: Why this book? Why now?
JT: For several years now I’ve divided my time between freelance writing and teaching. So many aspiring writers discover that I’ve published several books and they come to me to ask the inevitable, “How do I get published?” question, usually followed by, “Is there really money to be made in publishing?” Over the past couple years I’ve put together several freelance writing courses to answer their questions, but I felt the need to do more, so I compiled all of my mini-teachings into one book.

DK: What will readers get in one of your courses?
JT: The courses are very specific to their individual topics. MAKE MONEY WRITING covers a variety of areas of interest to the freelance writer, including: earning top dollar, magazine article writing, write-for-hire work, writing the novel and/or non-fiction book, the submission process, succeeding as a freelancer, and more. The book is not a textbook. Instead, it is motivational in tone and focuses on offering encouragement to freelancers and giving them basic tips for success in each of the areas listed above.

DK: Sounds interesting. Tell us a little more about it.
JT: It might make more sense to share some of the chapter titles because they will give you an idea of some of the topics readers will find in the book.
Earning Top Dollar
Jumping the Hurdles
In the Beginning. . .the Writer Set Goals
...and many more.

DK: What other projects are you working on?
JT: I’m currently writing QUEEN OF THE WAVES, a novel set aboard the Titanic, a very compelling setting. And I’m tickled about my upcoming release, Wedding Belles.

DK: What's going on in the world of your courses?
JT: Thanks for asking. I’m tickled about the recent release of my Non-Fiction Writing Course. I recorded this course in the studio several months ago and had a blast doing it. I’m convinced this is the most comprehensive package I’ve ever put together. Non-Fiction writers should be able to take this course and find some degree of success building their platform, writing short pieces and fully developing a non-fiction book. There’s even information on how to pitch (and ultimately market) the non-fiction book.

Here are some topics from the course:
From Magazines to Books: Building Your Platform
Understanding Non-Fiction Book Types
Best Selling Topics
Compiling Your Information (Braiding the Book)
33 Tips to Strengthen Your Writing

As with all of my courses, this one is available online at

DK: Janice, how can readers reach you?
JT: I love to chat with my readers! To learn more about my books, visit:
To learn more about my writing courses, including my new non-fiction course, visit:

Facebook: JaniceHannaThompson

Twitter: booksbyjanice

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