Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Down to the Wire

Did I mention I had a deadline? September 1, for the novella I started dog's ages ago. Desert Breeze expressed an interest in this short piece, called ALOHA, MY LOVE and we got to "yes" on it fairly quickly.

However, in this summer's, well, being SUMMER, the project took a back seat to a couple of other activities. Swimming. Art fairs. Hanging with friends. A trip to Nashville for Sheaf House business. A trip to Orlando for Universal Studios-with-friends business. Did I mention relaxing with tall, cool, fruit-juice based drinks?

So I had to get cracking on the tweaks ALOHA needed...and I had to hit myself over the head several times with the Righteous Nerf Bat to get 'em done.

Hallelujah! The tweaked manuscript went to the publisher today. This will be release #9, depending on how you're counting. It's all good!

Now I can go back to hanging out, drinking juicy drinks, and working on other stuff. Deadlines are my FRIENDS!


Linda said...

I know a guy--my hubby!

Wendy said...

I have known a guy! Hee Hee my dad! Anyway I am probably too late to win the book but fun idea!

Ann Lee Miller said...

I know a guy! Hubby and 3 sons. And I love to read "masterful" books written by guys.

Deb said...

You're not too late! Let's say the contest ends this Saturday night, then I'll pick a lucky lady (and associated guy) who'll love this book.

How's that?

Deb said...

Whoops! I let this one slip by almost unnoticed. That's what I get for having way too much to do in this run-up week to ACFW's annual conference.

Linda, you're the winner, picked by non-scientific random methods I will not divulge here. Please shoot your snail addy to kinthu@att.net and I'll get your copy of HEADING HOME out to you ASAP.