Friday, July 30, 2010

Laughs for the Humor Impaired

Two short talking points today -- happy to announce that in edit, Marcus has found his sense of humor. Why did it not come out in first draft (where I usually do better work than in edit-mode--just ask my superb crit partner)? I do not know. I think the scut has been holding out on me.

But there is hope -- he's currently on trial for murder and he just compared the medieval "prosecuting attorney" to a housewife peering into the meat case at the various lumps of ground beef. Good on ya, Marc.

Also I recently posted as an invited guest on my marvelous agent's blog (Hartline Literary) and was taken to task on yet a third blog by one of those lingerers at the margins who knows everything about everything. I love when this happens. It's all safe, mostly anonymous, since the blogger didn't have the guts to post his rebuttal to my opinions on the Hartline blog or this one. No -- his comments resided safely on the owner's private blog. I found them by accident, and called him to account there, where it belonged. Hope my thread there dies a natural death.

Let me emphasize that I love the medieval centuries as fiction fodder. They sing to me. Their ways inspire me and give me plenty of literary meat to work with. That does not require that everyone love them as I do. Everyone should feel free to love what they love and confusion to the "shoulds"! After all, don't some folks like Amish fiction? Does that mean I must, also?

No. Nor do I travel around cyberspace telling folks their research is wrong, their opinions faulty, their "take" less worthy than mine. Life's too short.

Besides, I don't have time -- I'm too busy giving Marcus an intravenous humor-booster.

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Linda Glaz said...

Ahh, but there is always someone out there. (My husband, when we watch a movie) he is one of those who reads and studies voraciously and then spoils every movie by telling me,
"They didn't have blah-blah carbines during that time period." "The button on her dress isn't period." Like ANYONE else would notice???? Keep writing, keep enjoying, and keep sticking to your guns. Er, carbine, if they still have that kind.