Tuesday, February 02, 2010

For You, Part Two - Another Book Review

Yes, I know...what's Kinnard about? TWO in a WEEK?

Yes. Get a lawyer.

Today's confection is Betsy St. Amant's A VALENTINE'S WISH (Love Inspired, Feb. 2010, ISBN 978-0-313-87581-8). And for all you FTC types, I bought this book with my hard-earned, so there.

A VALENTINE'S WISH tells the tale of Lori -- broke, unemployed and boyfriendless as V-Day approaches. It's Andy's story also, a youth pastor who's told by his church board that he'd better look for a wife toute suite because of another local youth pastor's scandalous conduct with one of his young flock.

How do they meet, you ask? Oh, don't worry, they're already best friends. Though for some couples this is an easy slide-in to True Love, for this pair it's anything but. Andy's gotten used to seeing Lori as a pal. Lori's accustomed to being the Invisible Woman as far as romance is concerned. These two have a bit of heavy sledding before arriving at Hearts and Flowers Bliss!

Ms. St. Amant has crafted a tale that reads as slick and smooth as some of those chocolates her heroine's been consuming. (Though Lori does gain 4 lbs. during her work at a candy store, never a zit to be seen! It's not fair!) The book is a treat for the reader and will go down as easy as Cadbury's Royal Dark. Though I don't often buy Steeple Hill, this one is the exception sort of book that always catches me as a pleasant surprise.

Five stars.

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Betsy St. Amant said...

Thanks Deb!! Made my day. =)

This novel is a sequel to my first, RETURN TO LOVE, which is also set in New Orleans. That story is about Lori's best friend, Gracie, who is a penguin keeper at the Aquarium of the Americas.

Look for my third novel, RODEO SWEETHEART, April 1st! Ever read about a female bull rider?? ;)