Monday, December 14, 2009

Desert Breezes Blow a Contest Your Way

Those of you who know my writing already are aware that most of my characters are coffee-a-holics.

This isn't bad, it's GOOD! We who enjoy coffee know there are a few primo varieties in the world, and the rest of the time we buy at the grocery store.

Now, for anyone brave enough to come here to this blog, or savvy enough to know my Desert Breeze stories, here's your challenge: answer either one of the following questions and win a nice sized bag of ground Kenya AA coffee (best there is IMO)

1) why is my blog named ? Short answer is good enough.

2) name any "pair" of the lovey-dovey characters in my Desert Breeze books. They don't have to be the coffee-chugging ones.

Okay, get crackin' and win some Joe!


Janny said...

1) You named this blog "Just Tell The Story" because, of course, that's all you really want an author to do--not to worry about the rules and regs, the "boxes" and the confinements and the
"shoulds" and "shouldn'ts"...fuggedaboud all that and just tell the story. (!)

Do I win? Do I win?
Is this cheating because I knew the answers already? :-)


Deb said...

No, it's not cheating. And you're in!

We have three entries now, between the Desert Breeze loop and here. At end of day I'll announce the winner and get your snail addy if I don't already have it.

Good luck and enjoy the coffee!