Sunday, July 26, 2009

DK's Muse, a Fickle Brat

If ever there was one...mine takes the prize.

I got an idea for a new story. Fine, say I, and go open a new Word document to start making story notes. I use MS One-Note when I want virtual 3x5 cards, but when an idea germinates I'm not ready for those yet, so I just scribble down random thoughts.

Good, huh?

Not so fast. My husband is sometimes very good (read: TOO good) at giving me story ideas. I wish he'd warn me when something's brewing in his head, though. It's always timed wrong. Anyway, along comes this same husband and starts talking about an idea for ANOTHER time travel, and this time it's a guy who does the traveling. The character's a medieval re-enactor in this day, and thinks he's cool and competent. But he gets to the middle ages and is VERY surprised at what he sees. The locals are Not Impressed. My main character, though passionate about his re-enactment efforts, is nowhere near as authentic as he thinks he is.

Wham! Scuttle project #1 and start scribbling notes for time travel project #2, which in the process morphs to a time travel piece that's a sequel to SEASONS IN THE MIST.

How in bejabbers did that happen?

Don't ask me why. This muse is a fickle brat and that's for sure. But I'm making character notes and writing furiously now, have it well into chapter 2 in first draft, and by the Rood this thing is humming!

Working title: THE PEDDLER'S PACK. Wish me bonne chance!


Janny said...

Your Muse is not a fickle brat. Your Muse is a lively, inquisitive child poking and prodding everything it sees, egged on by your fellow Muse partner, Squirrel, who goes through life with the perpetual twinkle in his eye that only the truly childlike manage to keep. You are a woman to be envied!

So don't slap that Muse and expect it to behave. It shouldn't, and it mustn't, and it won't, and glory to God that it doesn't do any of that stuff, but happily trails behind Head Squirrel in his musings. If Muses behave, you get nonfiction. And trust me, you don't wanna do THAT. :-)


Edna said...

I really don't know what a fickle brat is unless it is someone like me, so hard to please, even in eating. But I am sure you are not one of those. LOL


Christine said...

I gotta get me one of those MS One Note programs. I keep hearing good things about it.

Deb said...

I love the One Note. If anything can keep a seat-of-the-pants author organized (as much as it's possible), it's doing it for me. It comes without helps, though, so unless you work pretty well intuitively with software, it might be frustrating in the learning days.

PS, THE PEDDLER'S PACK is now at 12K words and still humming along! Thanks everybody for the well-wishes. This book is just amazing me, how eager I am to set down content, how keen I feel to tell the story. (G)