Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Waiting Game, Part XXIV

We're on our wait yet again. Heard from Publisher #1 about the proposal for PEACEWEAVER. Apparently they like it well enough to see it again next spring, if we haven't sold it by then. Drat! I wanted a deal now...

Did I mention I'm not too good at waiting?

DAMAGES, the full manuscript, is wending its way to my agent for submission. I have good hopes for this story because a publisher contacted ME (not the other way 'round!) and said they liked my voice, and wouldn't we like to send in something for consideration?

You bet your sweet bippy we would. So my matchless agent, Tamela, told me to send her the full printed MS plus proposal. It's in the hands of the (gulp) US Postal Service as we speak, and I hope the publisher likes it well enough to give Tamela a call and me something to rejoice over.

Now, if anyone knows ways, other than chocolate, to ease the waiting time, I'm all ears and available taste buds.


Donna Alice said...

Waiting is never any fun. Chocolate is good. So is writing something else---LOL---but you probably didn't want to hear that one.

Rachel Burton said...

SOunds like you have a lot going on! Congratualtions on the interested editor! And no, I have found no way to take the edge off the waiting. Why did I have to pick the slowest industry ever to try to break into?

Janny said...

Do what I do to ease the waiting time, to take breaks at work, to share profound thoughts, to keep writing "something"...BLOG!


Amy Deardon said...

Deb, hope you have good news soon!