Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Except for my DH, you guys are the first to know:

I'm pleased as spiced ale to announce that Sheaf House has offered to publish SEASONS IN THE MIST. SEASONS, as all two of you blog fans will no doubt recollect, is a time-travel romance set (mostly) in 1353 Cornwall.

We're mulling a spring '10 release for it. Due to the awesome nature of Sheaf House's previous covers, I hope & expect a really bodacious cover for this book.

Though I've known about the possibility for some months, my agent advised me to keep mum until released to announce by the publisher. Well, today we all agreed it could come out! As in, SQUEEEE!

Still grinning almost wide enough to split my face.


J. M. Hochstetler said...

And Deb, I'm as pleased as punch to have ye! Welcome aboard! Can't wait to get started on that cover... lol!

Donna Alice said...

Hm--no wonder you appeared so cool at the conference--you knew you had a sale around the corner!

Jumping for joy at your great news. Hopefully, you are contagious and spread some of the publishing bug off on me---LOL!

I got a rejection today--a FORM rejection---LOL. Nice to know someone else got better news.

Wish I'd have known in MN. I'd have treated you to a blizzard. Next time---

Inspire said...

Congratulations. It's great news. Joan is a wonderful person, a great writer. I received an acceptance this month as well. If you're like me you keep pinching yourself to wake up. It's great news.

Contact me for two things.

1. A short blurb for the October issue of Stepping Stones to be featured in 'Book Deals'. I just need name, title, a short sentence about the book, the publisher, and release time.

2. When the book comes out, I'll be glad to put it in SSMW in 'New Releases'.

Stepping Stones Magazine for Writers:

Deb said...

Joan, thanks for the "pleased as punch." I'm really cranked about all this--couldja tell?

Donna Alice, your time is coming. Those without the courage to send their stuff "out there" garner no rejection slips.

Rita, thanks for the invite. By now you'll have received some data about the book, etc. I'm honored to be asked.

Now back into the Revision Pit...