Saturday, March 08, 2008

Good News for the SF Fans

I always like to cyber-party when a new author breaks in, particularly in the science fiction realm. There is never enough!

That fact makes me happy to announce that my cyber-bud Sharolyn Wells has sold her first novel, PLYMOUTH COLONY II, to release March 14 from E Treasures Publishing (

Here's the blurb: "Earth is gone—destroyed by a group of lizard-like aliens called the Novari. Before they send their meteor ships to destroy Earth, another group of humanoid aliens arrive—the Kelkani. They will save some of Earth’s young people. Are they doing it for themselves or is the group of Elitists doing it for their own reasons?"

Sounds like a winner to me.


Janny said...

This is an annoying post from your annoying Mentor asking why you don't update your blog more often!!!!!!

(Exclamation point bill: $30.)


Deb said...

Mea culpa. I have been dilatory. That's because I'm busy writing a book, and the brain can only squeeze out so much.

Will post again very soon.

And I think it's $35, not $30.

To those who might question: I charge Janny for each exclamation point (this used to be one of her bad habits, and we're trying to gently break her of it). She pays $0.25 for each one, and lately she's been VERY enthusiastic.