Friday, September 14, 2007

Building Something

Two items on the radar scope this day: I've received a release date of 11/9 for my construction manager book, MY SILENT HEART. This is a lot better news than it sounds, so I'll explain.

The book is in many ways the book of my heart. It sat at a Large NY Christian publisher for about a year, including time to do their requested edits, before being declined. Man, was I bummed! but got over it quickly enough. MSH was actually the book I thought would sell first, not fifth. It was my best output to date (this was written before ANGEL WITH A RAY GUN) so I thought if it surpassed the stuff that had already get the drift.

Yes, before Janny leaps up and bops me with her ever-lovin' nerf bat, I sold it to a small press. But it will see daylight, and for now that's sufficient for me. Whether it should be sufficient is a debate for another day.

Second thing on the agenda is that I can't go to Dallas this year for the ACFW conference. Sad but already gotten over as well. My husband and I crunched the numbers 'til they screamed for mercy, but with a kid in college, the numbers would not crunch.

Did we despair? No, we did not! Instead, Janny and I are going on a two-woman writer's retreat the same weekend. While everyone at ACFW is schmoozing, pitching, singing, praying, and (hopefully) selling, we will be working on our writing, swimming, eating, singing, praying...

I'm really looking forward to it, particularly since she mentioned chocolate.

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