Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here's some industry news for you. Enspiren Press, with whose principals m I've had some contact with for many years, is about to publish its first releases. As follows:

Tangled Hearts by Rosemary Morris
A historical romance set in Queen Anne era.

Duking Days by Anita Davison
A historical mainstream set in the Stuart Reign.

Eliza's Hope by Vicki Gaia
Historical romance set in New York 1912

Jacqui's Dilemma by Joanna Hunt
Contemporary romance novella set in Australia

The Corpse Whisperer by Chris Redding

Welcome to this new and exciting venture in small press fiction!

My own release for ByGrace happened this past week. BRIDES AND BOUQUETS 2007 contains my novella "Something Borrowed."

And amidst all this, my medieval time travel romance is perking right along. Thanks for asking.


Janny said...

I found Enspiren's home page and Facts page very...interesting. :-)
But I do wonder "What the heck is with the horse?"


Deb said...

I was wrong about this. It's not a "Christian" publisher at all, as its submissions guidelines exclude anything with specific religious content. Earlier, before they went live, I had discussed several submissions with the principals, and they knew I write Chris-Fic, and everything was cool.

Apparently, not anymore, so I'll post a correction on the blog later on.

Robin Bayne said...

You have been tagged!!!! Check out the rules at my blog, Between Sundays.