Friday, March 23, 2007

Keeping On

Been involved in heavy-duty discussions with a writing associate about craft, expectations, haste, tardiness, and other issues. When I say heavy-duty, it means examining the core issues: why we write; what would happen if we stopped; can we stop; what it means to grasp for the highest pinnacle of excellence that's within our grasp.

Like I say, heavy. We two have very different writing styles, emotional wiring, approaches to life -- almost the whole smash. So what keeps us writing-friends?

I think it's that we understand each other. While her path is not mine, and mine not hers, we can empathize. She spots -- and elicits -- the very best writer I can be. Whether I can bring out her most excellent ways, I don't know. I'd be honored to try.

We talk about writing from the heart, the things that tickle us most. We talk about writing to the market. For some fortunate writers, these two paths intersect.

So far, it hasn't been true for us. Though both of us are published, it hasn't led to bigger contracts or higher profiles. So we're left with examining why we write, how we must write if we want to stay sane...

More later, once I figure it out.


Laura Hamby said...

Leaving you a CyberSmile of Goodwill. :)

Don't you just love your writing buddy? I can't imagine what I'd do without mine.

Donna Alice said...

Let me know if you figure out any answers. I'd love to know!