Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just Tell the Story Redux

Wow, it's been a while since I posted on here. Let's see -- what news? Quite a bit in a short time. MY SILENT HEART went to Harlequin in February and is under consideration there. Haven't heard yet. I sold a novel called ANGEL WITH A RAY GUN to ByGrace Publishing, a small press. It comes out in July, so I'm pretty snorkin' happy about that. Currently, having surrendered work on A ROSE IN LATE OCTOBER, I'm working on revisions to a romance called DAMAGES and working up a new genre (mystery) called UNEARNED. UNEARNED has been really fun to work on, since its main character insists on being a AAA baseball player. I'm learning a lot about how to tell a mystery story and about baseball, at the same time. So it goes -- I keep trying to tell ever-better stories, learn the publishing business, learn my craft...


Janny said...

"UNEARNED is a dynamite slice of real life in the minor leagues, and romance like I wish I had in my overworked life right now."

--Bret Lattum, well known baseball player and newly-hatched reviewer of books not yet written

How's that for an author blurb?

Deb said...

A little gopher told me: this is a secret inside joke. Rearrange the letters in the name BRET LATTUM (who's in the novel UNEARNED), and you get the name of Janny's star ballplayer son.

I've seen her son play--he's super at baseball and can do just about anything. Unfortunately for the stupid Major Leagues, they did not draft him because they have this "thing" for big, dumb klutzes. The Cubs' dismal record this season proves I'm right.

Matt is now coaching pitching at a local high school, whose team is blowing everybody else out of the water.

So, go Bret Lattum!