Friday, May 20, 2005

Just Tell the Story Rides Again

Ran into a cool web site. It's for writers who've collected their share (or more than their share) of rejections. There's a place to rant, a place to share your worst-rejection-letter story, and other pages on the site. It's called If you write, I recommend it, if only for some of the snarky comments on rejection letters.

In fairness, some editors' posts are worth reading, too. Possibly they defend themselves a trifle too strenuously, but it's good to remember every story has two sides.

Even rejection letters.

I think.


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Janny said...

Some of these stories were pretty cool, but most of them struck me as being from writers/editors of periodicals rather than book publishers. Then again, I didn't read all 194 or whatever there were from Publishing...I gotta do real work SOMETIME.